The rank is the second lieutenant.Capable of using multiple firearms, like an assault rifle; moreover, good at driving slugs, fighter jets, and other vehicles.
The one and only lady heir of Germi Clan.Master Sergeant in the dangerous special force "S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S".
Calm and decisive, a master sniper. Mmanages to infiltrate behind enemy lines alone. Apart from her trusted sniper rifle, also brings long-range radio equipment.
Classified as a small tank, forcing its chassis into the air and over the obstacles in its path. The tread is made with a claw-like design, giving it outstanding traction and allowing it to deal with all kinds of abnormal terrains.
One of the passengers on the mysterious ship.Can communicate with the tiger mastered the powerful weapon system - Vulcan Gun, Bazooka, and Minelayer.
An excellent researcher in Regular Army Research Lab. She is also an excellent Mecha Commander in battle.
Perfected the skill of manipulating objects with his mind.
Massive Land Combat Weaponry of Rebel Army If you run into Jupiter King as an infantry, it is said that you would not survive.
Morden's favorite soldiers.She is not only the fine Frontline Commander but also an expert in laser weapons.
The young officer of the Rebel Army. Her sister is the fantastic Abigail.
Abul Abbas hired this mercenary from the Eastern Realm as his bodyguard.Mastered the essence of the Ninjutsu [Shadow Style] and capable of using kunai to assassinate.
Born to a middle-class family.Manages to be promoted with her courage and talent,Soon later, she was appointed as the Warden.
The commander-in-chief of moding army with absolute leadership temperament. It's also mark's enemy.
She is a girl who can easily lift a large weapon engine and tire with one hand.
It is the original point and the peak.
She gave her heart to her Pharaoh and Cleopatra. She was one of the priestesses who carried out the ritual of immortality.
Her cursed body allows her to fight with a soft and gentle form. She can loot the lives of her enemy like a pirate.
The giant sand devil will follow her orders. Its iron wall defense can withstand any attack.
She is a survivor of the noble pure blood vampire.
During his lifetime, he belonged to the secret forces of the Pharaons and held dirty positions such as assassination and sneaking investigation.
One of the deities who served the Pharaons, as well as the supervisors and technicians of the pyramids
Pauline used to be the Priestess of the Ptolemaic Army. But she was attracted by professor's mysterious feature. She defeated and joined the Space Army.
Bloom Metzelei
One of the Invaders' Four Heavenly Kings.Rely on predators as a means of attack.
Fedeln Metzelei
One of the Invaders' Four Heavenly Kings. He can use the poisonous Scale Powder to take the lives of every living being around him.
She can use the energy gun, and Short Distance Space Teleport Device borrowed from the Mars People. She can use the Energy Gun to fire lightning to attack the enemy.
Used to be a scientist of the Rebel Army.he values research as his life goal and the target of his actions. Anything other than his objective is dispensable.
White and Black
Greenie is a genius young-girl mechanic that develops weapons for the Regular Army.
Swordswoman from the East. With excellent sword skills, you can send out chopping strike.
Red Goblin
He is one of the representatives of the revolutionary army and the former leader of the organization "red Goblin".
Metal Slug Commander


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